Kernel Processing

Our Cashew Nuts are processed by highly skilled work force, Automation and also in accordance with Global Standards. We provide quality Cashew Nuts and meet the satisfaction of our customers. We ensure that the procedures are strictly adhered and followed in every single stage of processing.

Drying, Calibrating and Steaming

Drying – RAW CASHEW NUTs(RCNs) procured directly from the Farmers are dried in the Sunlight in the Open Yard. This provides our Cashew Kernels the Natural Taste and Aroma. Calibration – The Dried RAW CASHEW NUTs are segregated into sizes through a Calibrating Machine. Steaming – The Calibrated Sizes are Steamed through steam Boiler.

Shelling and Heating

Shelling – This process is carried out both Manually and also through Machine Automation. The first stage of this process is otherwise called as Scooping. Heating – The shelled Cashew Kernels are to be heated in a controlled environment for removing moisture content.

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Cooling and Peeling

Cooling – The Heated Cashew Kernels are kept in natural Cooling process in room temperature for about 8 hours. Peeling – The Cashew Kernels are covered with a Skin usually known as Outer Layer / Testa / Husk. The removal of outer layer / Testa is done through Peeling Machine and the process is known as peeling process.

Grading and Sorting

Grading – The Peeled Cashew Kernels are graded through a Grading machine according to the shape and Size. This process is done through Automation. Sorting – Cashew Kernels are sorted through a machine for the colours and sizes.

Pre Heating and Packing

Pre Heating – The final process of Heating to ensure there is no moisture prior to packing. Packing – This is done through Machines based on the customer requirement.

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